How to Keep Your Hair Healthy & Shiny as You Age Better

How to Keep Your Hair Healthy & Shiny as You Age Better

Our hair undergoes its own transformation as we age gracefully. While graying and thinning are natural symptoms of aging, it doesn't mean we can't keep our hair healthy and lustrous as we get older. In fact, with proper care and a few essential tips, you can embrace your age with confidence and vibrant hair. Let’s look at the best practices and tips for keeping your hair looking great at any age. Prepare to discover the secrets of glossy, young hair that defies the passage of time. 

Why does the hair become frizzy as you grow?

The majority of the changes we go through as we age are gradual, but they are nonetheless changes. Hair might begin to turn gray and become more prone to dryness as women age. Some females will also find that their hair has frizzed up. 

There are several reasons why our hair becomes more frizzy as we age. Changes in hormones, thinning hair, and decreased melanocyte production are some of the causes of frizzy hair. Melanocytes are pigment-producing cells that give hair its color. 

When melanocyte production decreases, hair will become gray, leading to drier hair. When we use heat styling tools, such as a straightener or a curling iron, it can cause dryness, which leads to additional frizz. Treating frizzy hair is an easy enough job with the Sachajuan Intensive Repair range. When used with the conditioner and shampoo, it can fight your frizz away. 

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How to hydrate aging hair?

As our hair ages, it tends to become drier and more prone to damage. Hydrating aging hair is crucial to maintain its health, shine, and manageability. If you're looking to revitalize your locks and restore their moisture, here are some essential tips:

1. Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner: Look for products that are made particularly for dry or aging hair. To recover lost moisture, these solutions are frequently enhanced with moisturizing substances like argan oil, shea butter, or hyaluronic acid.

2. Deep conditioning treatments: To provide high moisture, schedule frequent deep conditioning treatments for your hair. To nourish and restore moisture, use moisturizing masks or treatments containing substances like avocado oil, coconut oil, or keratin.

3. Avoid harsh chemicals: Avoid using harsh chemicals such as sulphates and alcohol-based styling solutions, which can strip away natural oils and exacerbate dryness. Look for sulfate-free options as well as natural-based styling solutions.

4. Protect your hair from the elements: sunlight, wind, and environmental contaminants can cause your hair to become even more dehydrated. When exposed to the sun, cover it with a hat, scarf, or a UV-protectant spray, and consider using a satin or silk pillowcase to reduce friction and moisture loss when sleeping.

5. Change your hair wash routine: Washing your hair every day can strip away vital oils, causing dryness. Instead, wash your hair every other day or less frequently to enable natural oils to nourish and moisturise it.

The best products to achieve shiny hair

While there are numerous options to enhance the shine of your hair, adding the right products that compliment your hair treatment goals can have some impressive effects and make you feel confident when you look in the mirror. Let’s take a look at some must-haves.

1. Kerastase Genesis Serum Anti-Chute Fortifiant
Kerastase Genesis Serum Anti-Chute Fortifiant is a daily anti-hair fall fortifying serum for weakened hair. It is enriched with potent ingredients including Aminexil, Edelweiss native cells and ginger root. It helps to re-anchor hair follicles more solidly into the scalp while building the optimal environment for future growth.

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2. Kerastase Resistance Masque Therapiste
Kerastase Resistance Masque Therapiste is a mask designed for damaged and over-processed hair that needs strength to repair. It has a unique buttery texture which penetrates the core of the hair and rebuilds the structure. It is a great mask to leave your hair silky and smooth.

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Kerastase Resistance Kerastase Resistance Masque Therapiste 200mlBain Extentioniste Length Strengthening Shampoo

Kerastase Resistance Bain Extentioniste is a great purifying shampoo that boosts strong hair growth. It makes sure that the hair is thoroughly cleansed to reach its ideal healthy texture. The ingredients of this product include Creatine R and Taurine which promote a healthy scalp.

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The basic fact is that as we age, our hair texture and requirements change. This is something that everyone will go through, so figuring out the best ways to keep our hair healthy and shiny as we age is a wonderful act of self-care. Avoid hair damage by learning how to maintain your hair healthy and shining after the age of 40.

Your ageing hair requirements will be determined by your hair type. However, everyone can benefit from a few easy hair suggestions, such as avoiding sulphates and experimenting with leave-in products. Learning which products will best suit you is an excellent approach to improving hair health as we age!

Taking advantage of hair masks, supplements, and other tips keeps ageing hair healthy — from the hair cuticle to the hair shaft. At The Juice Beauty, we have multiple hair care products online for hair types to keep your hair healthy and shiny. Whether you want a hair growth serum or the best shampoo for hair loss, we’ve got you covered. With our endless options, you can be sure that your hair will remain at its best along with proper nutrition and care. Take a look at our collection and get our products delivered to you within a day. Hurry up and say hello to better aging!

Disclaimer : The suggested products serve as general recommendations and should be considered as such. We highly recommend consulting with our The Juice Beauty Experts to have your skin assessed and review your current skincare products before embarking on any new skincare regimen. Terms and conditions apply.

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