How to Keep Your Skin Healthy and Wrinkle-Free as You Age

How to Keep Your Skin Healthy and Wrinkle-Free as You Age

We all want to age like fine wine. However, ageing is a natural part of life and sometimes it may show on your face in the form of dryness, irritated skin and wrinkles. This natural ageing process can be embraced with a positive attitude and a little help from anti-ageing skincare products. Here, we are sharing the secrets of how to keep your skin young and wrinkle-free.

Understanding Ageing Skin

Ageing skin is a complex process influenced by a combination of intrinsic and extrinsic factors. Intrinsic ageing is determined by heredity and is unavoidable but extrinsic ageing is caused by external factors and is controllable. The following are important variables that contribute to ageing skin:

1. Loss of collagen and elasticity: Collagen and elastin fibers, which give your skin firmness and elasticity, naturally decline with age.

2. Wrinkles and fine lines: Over time, the repetitive use of facial muscles and the breakdown of collagen and elastin fibers lead to the formation of wrinkles and fine lines.

3. Uneven skin tone: As we age, age spots, hyperpigmentation, and other skin discolorations become more visible.

4. Reduced hydration: With maturity, our skin becomes drier and less able to retain moisture.

5. Thinning skin: The epidermis, or the outermost layer of skin, becomes thinner, leaving it more vulnerable to damage.

Essential Skincare Habits

It's essential to practice the following skincare habits to keep your skin vibrant and fresh:

1. Stay hydrated: Drink plenty of water to flush your body and skin of harmful toxins. Proper hydration is fundamental for maintaining skin elasticity and preventing dryness.

2. Balanced diet: Fruits are a great source of antioxidants and other nutrients that enhance skin quality. A diet rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals can nourish your skin from within.

3. Sun protection: UV rays from the sun are a primary cause of ageing. Always wear sunscreen with at least SPF 30 to protect your skin from sun damage.

4. Get enough sleep: Sleep is vital for skin cell repair and renewal. Aim for 7-9 hours of restful sleep every night.

Building a Skincare Routine

A consistent skincare routine is key to maintaining healthy and youthful skin. Here is a simple routine to get you started.

1. Cleansing: Use a gentle cleanser to remove any dirt, impurities and makeup. Always remember to wash your face once in the morning and once at night before sleeping.

2. Moisturize: Choose a moisturizer that suits your skin type to maintain hydration and lock in moisture.

3. Serums: Add serums with active ingredients like hyaluronic acid, retinol or vitamin C to target specific concerns. You can try the Rodial Collagen 30% Booster Drops by applying it around the eye area and under the brow bone, twice daily.

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4. Eye creams: An eye cream can address fine lines and puffiness around the eyes, which is often an area that shows early signs of ageing. Rodial Snake Eye Cream 15ml is a great option as it helps to plump and tighten sagging skin as well as define facial contours.

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Protecting Your Skin from Environmental Damage

Environmental factors may speed up the ageing of the skin. Follow these steps to protect your skin from damage:

1. Wear protective clothing- When exposed to the sun, wear long sleeves, sunglasses and wide hats to protect your skin from the UV rays.

2. Avoid peak sun hours- Try to avoid direct sun exposure during peak hours between 10am and 4pm

3. Air quality- Protect your skin from pollution by cleansing your face thoroughly, especially in urban areas with high pollution levels.


Finally, maintaining healthy and wrinkle-free skin as you age is an important element of self-care. A consistent skincare practice, together with a well-balanced diet and healthy lifestyle choices, will help you reach this goal.

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Disclaimer : The suggested products serve as general recommendations and should be considered as such. We highly recommend consulting with our The Juice Beauty Experts to have your skin assessed and review your current skincare products before embarking on any new skincare regimen. Terms and conditions apply.

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